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Press Releases

Unification Spokesperson Statement

Unification Spokesperson Statement
May 4, 2015

  • The following is the R.O.K. government stance regarding North Korea’s May 2nd announcement on the South Korean university student Joo Won-moon who the North claims to be under its control and investigation.

  • It is deeply regrettable that North Korea has unilaterally detained our citizen Joo Won-moon without providing any advance explanation to the R.O.K. government and the family of the detainee.

- The allegations announced by the North through its media can be confirmed after our citizen is repatriated to the South. 

  • We strongly urge the North to immediately release our citizen Joo Won-moon and send him back to his family.

  • North Korea must guarantee personal safety and provide conveniences of our citizen until his repatriation as required by international norms. Also, the North should at least ensure the basic rights at the humanitarian level by allowing the family and the counsel to access Joo.

- Furthermore, we once again urge the North to release and repatriate our citizens Kim Jeong-uk, Kim Guk-gi, and Choi Chun-gil who are currently detained in the North.

  • Placing top priority in the safety of Joo Won-moon, the R.O.K. government will put its utmost effort for his immediate release and repatriation by closely cooperating with the international community.

  • We firmly point out that the North will inevitably face heightened criticism from our citizens and the international community for its human rights violation as it continues to repeat inhumane practices.