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Press Releases

Unification Spokesperson Statement

Unification Spokesperson Statement
July 14, 2015
  • It is deeply regrettable that North Korea has unilaterally conducted a press conference on Joo Won-moon without responding to the requests of the R.O.K. government and the international community to release and repatriate our detained citizens.


  • We once again urge the North to immediately release our citizen, Joo Won-moon along with Kim Jeong-uk, Kim Guk-gi, and Choi Chun-gil.


- As our detained citizens have been denied access even to their families for a long period of time, their concerned families are anxiously waiting for their loved ones to return home.

- From a humanitarian perspective, we urge the North to take immediate measures to allow the families, our government officials, and the counsel to access our detained citizens.

  • The R.O.K. government will exert our utmost and multilateral efforts by closely cooperating with the international community to have the detained citizens return to their families as soon as possible.