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Press Releases

Unification Spokesperson Statement

Unification Spokesperson Statement
March 10, 2016

● Following its fourth nuclear test and launch of a long-range missile, North Korea is criticizing legitimate sanctions implemented by the R.O.K. government and the international community with vulgar language. The North’s announcement to nullify inter-Korean agreement and liquidate our assets is a provocative action that cannot be overlooked.

- The R.O.K. government strongly condemns North Korea’s provocation and clearly states that such unilateral claim by the North cannot be accepted.

● The recent United Nations Security Council Resolution on North Korea and the R.O.K. government’s unilateral sanctions including the complete shutdown of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex(GIC), are legitimate countermeasures brought on by the North’s pursuit of nuclear test and development of long-range missiles despite repeated warnings from our government and the international community.

- North Korea must not damage valuable properties of our people and will have to take full responsibility for its behavior.

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