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Unification Spokesperson's Commentary

Unification Spokesperson's Commentary regarding “important announcement” by North Korea’s ‘Committee for Peaceful Unification of Fatherland’

March 23, 2016
● The R.O.K. government strongly warns North Korea for slandering our Head of State with vulgar language and threatening with direct terror attacks against our president and Cheongwadae through an “important announcement” of its ‘Committee for Peaceful Unification of Fatherland’.
● Following its fourth nuclear test and launch of a long-range missile which severely threatened peace on the Korean Peninsula and across the world, North Korea has not only continued to make personal insults against our Head of State, but is now even threatening with terror attacks on our people.

- We will not overlook such threats of terror against our Head of State and people.

● It will be a great misjudgment for the North to think that through its belligerent language and threats, it can deter our people and the government’s determination to protect the national security and peace.

- The R.O.K. military will sternly and relentlessly counteract should the North make any kind of provocation.

- We state that North Korea will be solely responsible for the consequences.

● North Korea must immediately stop its despicable and vulgar behavior and take the right path of change by abandoning its nuclear and missile program.

*unofficial translation