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ROK Government Statement on North Korea’s Fifth Nuclear Test

ROK Government Statement on North Korea’s Fifth Nuclear Test
< North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test in Punggye-ri, North Hamgyong Province on September 9>
- The ROK government’s stance on the nuclear test is as follows-
□ Despite strong warnings from the international community through G-20 and East Asia Summits, North Korea has blatantly violated UN Security Council resolutions and carried out its second nuclear test this year. This is a grave provocation that cannot be overlooked, and which the ROK government strongly condemns.

□ The North Korean regime continues to engage in extremely dangerous provocations with a focus on advancing its nuclear weapons and missile capabilities while ignoring its poor human rights record and abysmal quality of life for the people of North Korea. The North must clearly realize that it has nothing to gain from such pursuits.
If it continues such reckless provocations, North Korea will face stronger international sanctions and further diplomatic isolation. In the end, the North’s economy will collapse and the regime will find itself on the road to self-destruction.

□ The ROK government sternly urges the North to immediately dismantle its nuclear and missile programs in a complete, verifiable, and irreversible manner, and will make all-out efforts for tougher sanctions at the bilateral level and from the UN Security Council in close cooperation with the international community.

□ At the same time, the government will maintain its complete readiness to respond to any North Korean provocations that threaten the security of the ROK and its people, and deal with them firmly and in an unwavering manner.