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Press Releases

The Korea Global Forum 2016 (KGF 2016)

The Korea Global Forum 2016 (KGF 2016) hosted by the Ministry of Unification of the Republic of Korea will be held between November 14 and 15 at Shilla Hotel in Seoul, Korea. The Forum invites high-level officials, experts, and opinion leaders, aiming to promote global understanding of ‘peace and unification’ of the Korean Peninsula. KGF 2016 is coorganized by Korean Association for North Korean Studies (KANKS) and Yonsei Institute for North Korean Studies (YINKS).

The forum series has taken place every year since 2010. Over the years, KGF has established a strong reputation for exceptional presentations and information exchange on all aspects and issues related to the Korea Peninsula. Under the theme “Peace and Unification of the Korean Peninsula: Comprehensive Approaches,” KGF 2016 will cover diverse topics of research on Korea Unification issues including national security, politics, history, culture, society, and gender issues. The program of this forum will feature open discussion among high-profile keynote speakers, strategic dialogues, and academic conference.

Through their candid discussions, we hope to build consensus on the viable cooperative approaches which can work to foster peace and prosperity on the peninsula and in the region.

Your participation in KGF 2016 would be most welcome. We look forward to seeing you in Seoul.