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Press Releases

The Center for Unified Korean Future celebrates its second anniversary


The Center for Unified Korean Future under the Ministry of Unification holds the second anniversary ceremony at its main auditorium in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do at 16:00 on November 11. The ceremony will be attended by 370 people including the vice minister of Unification, the mayor of Yeoncheon-gun and 200 local residents.
The event will be a sedate affair in light of the seriousness of internal and external situation.
The Center plans to invite and reward those local residents who have rendered substantial assistance and support for its establishment as a training facility where young people at home and abroad can experience peace and develop leadership ability for a unified future and as a place for communication and harmony between generations and classes.
The Center will actively receive opinions and proposals, continually improve programs, and expand personnel and material resources, further developing itself as a unification experience training facility for young people in preparation for a unified Korea.
Furthermore, the Center plans to carry out cultural exchange events for young people from South and North Korea and Korean college students from home and abroad to help substantially prepare for unification (e.g. inter-Korean exchange) in line with the progress in inter-Korean relations. These events are expected to help more Korean people at home and abroad participate in high-quality unification experience trainings and move one step closer to unification.