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Press Releases

Helping 100 North Korean defectors become store owners

Vice Unification Minister Kim Hyung-suk delivered a congratulatory message at the opening ceremony of the second store of “Ramen with Stories” near Sejong University at 11:00 a.m. on December 29. This was part of the “project to make 100 North Korean defectors store owners” now ongoing.

This project is implemented by PPLKorea and sponsored by Hyundai Motor Group and the Community Chest of Korea.
It provides comprehensive support for business startups to maximize their chances of success. The support includes startup funds and training for three years for North Korean defectors under emotional and financial stress.

The first Ramen with Stories event was held in Mullrae, Seoul, on December 14. The second event was attended by representatives from Hyundai Motor Group, the Community Chest of Korea, and PPLKorea, and the owner of the second store.