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Press Releases

Ministry of Unification launches the UniKorea Culture Contents Contest

The Ministry of Unification launched the Contest for UniKorea Culture Contents (movie, pop music, children’s song, and art) about unification and peace on June 12, 2017.
The Ministry of Unification began the UniKorea Culture Contents Contest in 2015 to build consensus on unification naturally through culture and art contents that are familiar to the public.
     o The Contest began with pop music and a movie in 2015. The 2016 Contest included pop music, a movie, and children’s songs, and in 2017, it also included fine art.
Anyone can participate in the Contest, and the schedules for each field are as follows.
     o In the movie field, scenario (film drama) plans (documentary) will be contested. Applicants should submit their plans from June 12 to July 10. A total of five scenarios (two mid-length and three short scenarios) will be selected through two evaluations, and the Ministry will cover the production costs for the award-winning scenarios.
          - The films based on award-winning scenarios will be screened at a cinema in Seoul in November.
          * For more details, please refer to the website of the Secretariat for the Unification Film Contest (
The Ministry of Unification expects many talented people to participate in this contest and continues to work hard to provide unification and culture contents that meet the demands of the public.