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Press Releases

Institute for Unification Education develops unification education materials for the visually impaired and hearing impaired


The Institute for Unification Education (IUE) developed unification education materials for disadvantaged people.

The materials will be distributed to schools for the deaf and dumb, schools for the blind, and libraries for the disabled across the country.

The IUE has produced educational materials to reach out to a wider spectrum of the population for unification education: the reference for primary and middle school students (The Korean Peninsula’s Today and Unification); the teaching guide for overseas Korean children (Hello! Unification); the teaching guide for foreigners in Korea (Introduction to a Unified Korea); and the teaching guide on unification careers and vocations for middle school students (Seek a Job in a Unified Korea).

The IUE recently produced four educational materials for the visually impaired and three for the hearing impaired. These materials effectively meet the needs of disadvantaged people, and it is thanks to extensive assistance from Seoul National School for the Blind (Park Yoon-kyu) and Seoul National School for the Deaf (Jang Jin-kwon) that the IUE was able to develop them.

Images with audio descriptions and braille books were produced for the visually impaired, and images with sign language were produced for the hearing impaired.

The IUE will continue to develop interesting materials so that more people can learn about unification with ease.

These materials are **ailable at the IUE’s homepage (