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Unification Ministry’s stance on the Policy Reform Committee’s report


Unification Ministry's Stance

on the Policy Reform Committee's Report

December 28, 2017

 □ The Ministry of Unification accepts the report presented today(12.28) by the Policy Reform Committee in a humble manner.

  o The Committee has raised a number of issues, after reviewing and verifying the Ministry’s policies on North Korea and unification.

  o In particular, it indicated that not enough opinions were gathered and proper procedures not taken in the process of formulating and implementing major policies.

 □ From here forward, the Unification Ministry will make efforts to increase the public’s trust on North Korea and unification policies by achieving innovation based on examination and reflection.

  o The Ministry will ensure public participation and expand communication with various actors in the society, thus promoting North Korea and unification policies while upholding transparency and fairness based on national consensus.

  o Capabilities and expertise will be strengthened within the Ministry for it to perform necessary tasks in the process of making and enforcing policies on inter-Korean relations and unification.

 □ The Ministry of Unification will take necessary follow-up measures suggested by the Committee in coming up with innovative plan.

  o Considering the purpose of the report, the Unification Ministry will thoroughly review concrete ways to reform and implement measures when enforcing policies.


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