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R.O.K. Government’s Proposal to hold Inter-Korean Government Talks


R.O.K. Government’s Proposal to hold Inter-Korean Government Talks

January 2, 2018

□ North Korea, through Kim Jong Un’s New Year Address yesterday(1.1), raised the need to improve inter-Korean relations. It further expressed its willingness to take necessary measures including the dispatch of a delegation to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and to immediately hold talks to discuss such matters.

□ The R.O.K. Government proposes to hold inter-Korean high-level government talks at Panmunjeom 「Peace House」 on January 9 to discuss issues including the North’s participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, considering that it is a month away from now.

  o We hope South and North Korea can sit face to face and candidly discuss on issues of mutual interest concerning the improvement of inter-Korean ties, along with the North’s participation to the Winter Olympics.

  o Furthermore, the R.O.K. Government reiterates its willingness to talk with North Korea regardless of time, place, or formality.

□ In order to discuss matters on holding inter-Korean talks, South-North communications channel at Panmunjeom must be normalized immediately. We suggest that detailed procedures including the agenda and formation of delegation be discussed through the Panmunjeom communications channel.

□ We look forward to receiving a positive response from the North.

* Unofficial translation