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Press Releases

Ministry of Unification Holds Reopening Event for Busan Unification Hall and Session Explaining Unification-related Policy


□ On January 17, 2018, the Institute for Unification Education hosted an event for the reopening of Busan Unification Hall, with the following officials in attendance: Acting Director Lee Mu-il of the institute, Lee Man-soo (special advisor to the Mayor of Busan), Vice Chairman Kim Yeong-wook of the Busan Metropolitan Council, and Superintendent Kim Seok-joon of the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education.

o As a part of the event, Busan Unification Hall was reborn with the theme Awakened to unification, as the center for unification-related education in Busan. The first floor will be an area centered around hands-on experience for children, while the second floor will house exhibition spaces for unification-related stories. The hall is expected to attract over 200,000 people a year, serving as an arena for unification-related education through on hands-on experience.

o Since its original opening in Busan Liberation Hall in 1989, Busan Unification Hall has been providing unification-related education, information, and materials to its visitors, but due to the length of time since opening, the center was in need of some improvements.

*Since 2011, the Institute of Unification Education has been promoting the improvement of 8 of the 12 total unification halls located around the country, one of which is the newly reopened hall in Busan.
□ The Ministry of Unification plans to encourage young people to use the hall as much as possible in cooperation with local schools, and will continue to make efforts to further develop the space into an experience-based education center illustrating the future of unification.