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Audience Selected to Attend Special Performances of North Korea's Samjiyon Orchestra through Lottery


The government selected an audience for the special performances of North Korea's Samjiyon Orchestra through a lottery at 4:00 PM on February 5. A total of 780 people were randomly selected from each age group, from a total of 156,232 applicants (two tickets provided per person, 1,560 total audience members).

* Number of people selected for the performance

Gangneung: 280 (for a total of 560 tickets)

Seoul: 500 (for a total of 1,000 tickets)

o Online application period: Feb. 2 (Fri) 12PM ~ Feb. 3 (Sat) 12PM

o Result of application: Total of 156,232 applicants:

- Applicants for performance

Gangneung: 39,109 (one out of 139 selected)

Seoul: 117,123 (one out of 234 selected)

o Time of lottery drawing: Feb. 5, 4:00 PM

- Lottery drawers: Officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; the Ministry of Unification; the Korea National Ballet; and one official from Interpark

- Members present: Two police officers from Seocho Police Station

o Method of selection: Computer program-based lottery drawing for equal share among age groups for both Gangneung and Seoul performances

Considering that a large number of people applied for the tickets, the government decided to reduce the number of invitees to allocate more seats to regular citizens, increasing the number of people selected from the original plan of 250 selectees to 500 selectees (from 500 seats to 1,000 seats for the audience).

The list of those selected was posted on the online ticketing site of Interpark on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 10:00 AM, and the selected were notified of the news via text messages to their phones.

The tickets will be distributed to them at the theater, starting two hours before the performance. Tickets are non-transferable and those selected must present their ID at the site themselves (resident identification, driver’s license, foreigner registration card, etc).

The Gangneung Arts Center in Gangneung and the National Theater of Korea in Seoul will call each of the selected to check whether they will actually attend the performance. The selected may choose to come to the performance alone.

The selected should familiarize themselves with notes regarding things to be aware of when watching the performances, posted at the ticketing site of Interpark.

A theater official advised to “arrive at the theater on time, using public transportation, since the ticket booth can be very crowded on the day of the performance.”