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Press Releases

Ministry of Unification establishes Unification Center in Incheon


□ The Ministry of Unification decided on March 26, 2018 to establish a pilot “Unification Center” in Incheon Metropolitan City that will function as a comprehensive regional support center for unification tasks.
     o Regional unification facilities including the Hana Center and the Unification Education Center will be brought together under the Unification Center, which will serve as a “better together” regional unification hub.
□ The Ministry of Unification made business presentations for local governments, received bids (February 12 - March 12, 2018), conducted on-site checks and examinations (March 2018), and has made other such preparations for establishment of the center.
     o Busan Metropolitan City, Incheon Metropolitan City, Gwangju Metropolitan City, and Gangwon Province submitted bids for establishment of the pilot Unification Center, and the examination committee selected Incheon on March 23, 2018.
□ The Ministry of Unification will work closely with appropriate agencies including Incheon Metropolitan City and the regional Hana Center and Unification Education Center to ensure effective management of the pilot Unification Center.
     o The Ministry of Unification will hear opinions from local communities and the private sector before formulating a detailed management plan and will open the pilot Unification Center in the second half of the year.