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Unification Spokesperson’s Statement


Unification Spokesperson’s Statement

May 16, 2018

□ The North postponed the inter-Korean high-level talks scheduled for today(5.16) through a letter sent at around 00:30 A.M. under the name of chief delegate Ri Son Gwon, criticizing the annual ROK-U.S. joint air combat drill.

□ It is regrettable that the North unilaterally postponed the talks due to the annual ROK-U.S. joint air combat drill, after it notified the date of the high-level talks. Such action of the North is inconsistent with the fundamental spirit and purpose of the Panmunjeom Declaration agreed by the South and North leaders on April 27.

□ The ROKG has a firm will to faithfully carry out the Panmunjeom Declaration, and urges the North to immediately respond to the inter-Korean talks for peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

o Inter-Korean talks must continue in order to discuss issues raised by the North.

□ The ROKG will pursue necessary measures through close consultations with relevant ministries to achieve sustainable development of inter-Korean relations and permanent peace settlement through the implementation of the Panmunjeom Declaration.

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