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R.O.K. Government's Stance regarding Civic Groups’ Distribution of Propaganda Leaflets toward the North


R.O.K. Government's Stance regarding 
Civic Groups’ Distribution of Propaganda Leaflets toward the North

  o The leaders of South and North Korea agreed to cease all hostile acts in the areas along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), including the distribution of leaflets, as of May 1.

  o Following the Panmunjeom Declaration, the R.O.K. Government asked for the cooperation of civic groups in halting the campaign of sending propaganda leaflets to the North.

  o Yet some groups have expressed their position to continue the campaign, especially notifying a large-scale send-off of leaflets tomorrow(5.5). The Government thereby expresses its position.

  o Sending leaflets to the North is an act that clearly violates the spirit of the Panmunjeom Declaration, signed by the two leaders for peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula.

   - The leaflet campaign raises military tension along the MDL and is the cause of conflict. It is desirable that groups immediately suspend the act to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula and ease military tension in line with the Panmunjeom Declaration.

   - Also, the campaign must stop for the safety of residents living in the border area and for the prevention of social conflict.

  o Today(5.4), the Ministry of Unification will send an official letter to the groups that plan to send leaflets(5.5), urging them to stop sending leaflets and once again ask for their cooperation.

   - As a countermeasure, we will request the Korean National Police Agency to actively clamp down on the act of flying leaflets to the North.

   - In accordance with Police and other relative agencies, we will take stern measures to counter the campaign, while strengthening communications with civic groups.

  o The R.O.K. Government will continue to make efforts to ensure that all South and North Koreans live a happy life and prosper peacefully together by fulfilling the agreements of the Panmunjeom Declaration.


Unification Ministry Spokesperson

* Unofficial translation