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ROKG notifies list of those visiting North Korea for South-North unification basketball game


ROKG notifies list of those visiting North Korea for South-North unification basketball game

□ The ROKG sent a document to the North of a list of 100 people, including a government delegation and men’s and women’s squads, who will visit North Korea from July 3 to 6 to participate in the South-North unification basketball game in accordance with the agreements reached at the inter-Korean athletic talks on June 18.

 o The visitors to the North is comprised of a government delegation headed by Unification Minister Cho Myoung Gyon (along with five members including Second Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Roh Tae-kang, and President of Korean Sport & Olympic Committee Lee Kee-Heung), men’s and women’s squads, a press corps and a broadcasting team. The visitors are scheduled to travel through the West Sea direct air route on July 3.

 o A total of 50 people will form the squads, mainly comprised of national team players - 25 persons each for men's and women's squads, including judges and Korea Basketball Association officials.

 o 30 people of press corps and broadcasting team, and 15 people of government support team will join the visit.

□ The South-North unified basketball game will hold a total of four matches - mixed matches on Wednesday July 4, and goodwill matches on Thursday July 5.

 o In mixed matches, South and North Korean athletes will be combined and formed into "Team Peace" and "Team Prosperity" respectively. Coaches of the South and the North will be in charge of coaching each team.

 o The goodwill matches will be divided into "Team Blue(the South side)" and "Team Red(the North side)" and the South and the North decided not to use national flags or play national anthem.

 o The matches will be held either at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium or Ryugyong Jong Ju Yong Gymnasium. The matter is currently under consultation with the North.

□ The R.O.K. Government will do its best to build trust through inter-Korean exchange and cooperation by successfully holding the South-North unification basketball game.