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Joint Press Release of Sectoral Meeting on Inter-Korean Forestry Cooperation


Joint Press Release of Sectoral Meeting on
 Inter-Korean Forestry Cooperation

Following the historic Panmunjeom Declaration and the agreements of inter-Korean high-level talks to carry out the Pyeongyang Joint Delcaration of September 2018, the South and the North held the sectoral meeting on forestry cooperation at the inter-Korean joint liaison office in Gaeseong.

The South and the North agreed to take the following practical measures :

1. The South and the North agreed to annually conduct forest disease and pest control project, including the control of pine wilt, in accordance with seasonal outbreak of diseases. The two sides will consult and carry out issues of guaranteeing pest control chemicals as part of measures to prevent forest disease and pest, including mutual notification, sample exchange, and diagnosis and analysis.

   In this regard, the South will provide necessary pest control chemicals for controlling pine wilt to the North within November. The South and the North will control pine wilt together until March 2019.

2. The South and the North agreed to promote modernization projects of tree nurseries of the North’s provinces, cities and counties in a phased manner, and carry out modernization work of ten sites within this year.

   The two sides will further negotiate to cooperate in forestry equipment production including that of transparent greenhouse panels and pots for tree nurseries.

   To this end, the South and the North will first conduct an on-site visit to tree nurseries and forestry equipment factories in the North at the time necessary.

3. The South and the North agreed to actively promote cooperative projects for the protection and restoration of the natural ecosystem including joint action against forest fire and soil collapse, and continue further consultation on the issues raised including holding a joint forum for forestry science and technology.

4. The South and the North agreed to discuss practical issues raised during forestry cooperation in the form of document exchange.

October 22, 2018

* Unofficial translation