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Press Releases

Ministry of Unification and Sejong Institute to hold 「Korea Global Forum for Peace(KGFP) 2019」


「Korea Global Forum for Peace(KGFP) 2019」, will be held under the theme ‘Working together for Peace in Korea’ to discuss current status and solution for the peaceful Korean Peninsula

□ 「Korea Global Forum for Peace(KGFP) 2019」 under the theme ‘Working together for Peace in Korea’ hosted by the Ministry of Unification of the Republic of Korea and organized by the Sejong Institute will be held from 9:30am June 19th at The Westin Chosun Seoul.

○ The Korea Global Forum held by the Ministry of Unification started since 2010 to create consensus regarding the peace of the Korean Peninsula and unification with participants from in and out of Korea. The Ministry invited experts from the US, China, Japan, Russia, Europe and other countries annually to review situation of the Korean Peninsula and the policy direction.

○ As this year marks the 100th Anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement and the Establishment of the Korean Provisional Government, 「The Korea Global Forum」 has changed its title to 「The Korea Global Forum for Peace」 with the hope of establishing lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.

○ With the theme ‘Working Together for Peace in Korea,’ this years’ KGFP will seek to find the way to bring international societies cooperation to establish peace and prosperity in the Korean Peninsula and beyond.

□ 「The Korean Global Forum for Peace 2019」 will begin with the keynote speech by the Minister of Unification Kim, Yeon-chul, followed by the 1st session on ‘Peace in Korea, Peace in Northeast Asia’ and the 2nd session on ‘Prospects and Challenges in Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

□ The first session will be moderated by Professor Koh, Yu-hwan of Dongkuk University with Senior Research Fellow of Institute for National Security Strategy Cho, Sung-ryul, CEO of Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation Frank Jannuzi, Senior Research Fellow of Chatham House John Nilsson-Wright, and Professor of Renmin University Shi, Yinhong as panelists.

○ The second session will be moderated by former Minister of Unification Lee, Jong-seok, with former Russian Ambassador to Korea Gleb Ivashentsov, Senior Research Fellow of Asia Pacific Initiative Kato, Yoichi, Professor of Handong University Kim, Joonhyung, Director of the Social Science Research Council Leon Sigal, Senior Research Fellow of China Institute of International Studies Yang, Xiyu as panelists.

□ With the forum in Seoul as start, the Ministry of Unification will work with the Sejong Institute to hold forums in Japan in July, China and Russia in September as well as in the US in November to listen to diverse opinions from international society for the peace of the Korean Peninsula.

※ Contact: KGFP Secretariat(031-750-7613/ Website: