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KGFP : Korea Global Forum for Peace 2020 Online Conference


KGFP : Korea Global Forum for Peace 2020 Online Conference
- Discussion will be held on Peace and Prosperity of the Korean Peninsula on the occasion of the 70th year since the Korea war
and 20th anniversary of the June 15th Joint Declaration -

The Ministry of Unification will host ‘KGFP : Korea Global Forum for Peace 2020’ from September 7th to 9th through an online platform to discuss peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula of the past, present and the future.
The Korea Global Forum for Peace(KGFP) is a multilateral international conference hosted by the Ministry of Unification since 2010. The forum has come across as a conference that leads international discussions with scholars and experts on North Korea and the Korean Peninsula on peace and unification.
As 2020 marks the 70th year of the Korean War and the 20th anniversary of the June 15 Joint Declaration, participants will review 70 years of separation and peace efforts, and gather ideas to bring lasting peace and prosperity to the Korean Peninsula.

This year’s conference will be held online, following social distancing measures implemented due to COVID19, and all programs will be broadcasted live on Youtube.
Throughout three days of the KGFP, 16 organizations and over 190 speakers from in and out of Korea will touch upon various agendas including the ‘Peace on the Korean Peninsula,’ ‘Humanitarianism, Change in North Korea,’ and ‘Future of the Korean Peninsula.’
  ※ Participating organizations(16) : Korea Rural Economic Institute, Korean Educational Development Institute, Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (Seoul National University), Korea Maritime Institute, South-North Korea Exchanges and Cooperation Support Association, Institute for Far Eastern Studies (Kyungnam University), Hananuri Academy of North-East Asia Studies, UN OHCHR (Seoul Office), Korea Rural Community Cooperation, Rural Research Institute, Soongsil Institute for Peace and Unification (Soongsil University), Korea Institute for National Unification, Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, Korean Association of North Korean Studies, PEACEMOMO, Council for Peace and Public Diplomacy, National Institute of Forest Science

The first day will start with an opening remark by Minister of Unification Lee In-young which will be followed by congratulatory remarks by the National Assembly Speaker Park Byeong-seug and Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres will also deliver a special message on settling peace on the Korean Peninsula.
Domestic and international NGOs, researchers studying peace, and Korean Peninsula experts will participate in a session to discuss how we can shift people’s paradigm and promote civil societies’ role to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula.
Professor Thomas J. Biersteker from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva, Switzerland) will deliver a special lecture on ‘Linking Sanctions Relief to Denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.’
The second day will kick off with World Food Programme Executive Director David Beasley’s keynote speech, followed by sessions reviewing recent humanitarian situation of North Korea and changes observed in the North’s regime over the past decade.

On the last day, Futurist and Executive Director of DaVinci Institute Thomas Frey, will give a special lecture regarding the future of the Korean Peninsula, followed by discussion sessions on peace economy and cooperation in the fields of forestry, tourism, railroad and agriculture in pursuit of peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

Throughout the KGFP, the Ministry of Unification will seek to garner joint effort and interest for peace on the Korean Peninsula. By listening to various voices, the Ministry will continue its efforts to improve inter-Korean relations and settle lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.
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