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ROKG to resume Panmunjeom tours for South Korean nationals with streamlined procedures


ROKG to resume Panmunjeom tours for South Korean nationals with streamlined procedures
- Applications and tours by individuals and families permitted -

□ The ROK government will resume Panmunjeom tours starting November 4. Those who wish to visit Panmunjeom, which has newly transformed into an area of peace after going through demilitarization and serving as the venue for inter-Korean and ROK-DPRK-U.S. talks, will be able to do so through a streamlined application procedure that allows for more convenience.

□ The Ministry of Unification has established a ‘Panmunjeom Tour Support Center,’ creating a single tour application window, compared to the past when applications could be processed through a number of different agencies.

  o From now on, any South Korean national can apply for tours through the website ( Individual and family tours are also possible.

  o The application deadline has also been adjusted for greater convenience. Applications, which needed to be submitted 60 days prior to the intended tour date, has been reduced to two weeks. Furthermore, the age limit for tours has been lowered from age 10 to 8 – children in the lower grades of elementary school can now visit Panmunjeom.


Category  Before  After 
 Application window

 Applicants could register via various windows
 (Ministry of Unification, Ministry of National Defense,
National Intelligence Service)

All domestic applications are now
to be made through the
Ministry of Unification
 Applicant unit

Only group tours possible
(30-40 persons)

Individual·family tours now available
(up to 5 persons)
 Application deadline 60 days before the tour date   14 days before the tour date
* The final list of attendees
need to be notified to the UNC
3 days before the tour date
 Age limit 10 years old and above  8 years old and above 


□ A trial tour will run on November 4, with the official Panmunjeom tour launching on November 6. Online registrations will be open to the public through the Panmunjeom Tour Support Center website from October 20.

□ Considering situations regarding the African swine fever (ASF) and COVID-19, the government will begin with small-scale tours to ensure safety. The government will expand tours in number and scale as the situation improves.
  o There have been no outbreaks of ASF in Paju, Gyeonggi Province since last June. Nonetheless, the government, in consultation with the quarantine authorities, completed a joint inspection and set up disinfection equipment, wild boar-blocking fences, and shoe sole disinfection mats. The government will continue to thoroughly check and disinfect every tour route.
  o To prevent the spread of COVID-19, a supply of quarantine goods including thermometers and hand sanitizers have been placed, and disinfection of facilities and vehicles are conducted regularly. The tours will be run while fully complying with the COVID-19 guidelines, including checking body temperatures, wearing masks, and keeping social distances.
□ The government expects the resumed Panmunjeom tours to facilitate the demilitarization and free travel of Panmunjeom, as agreed in the 2018 Panmunjeom Declaration and the Agreement on the Implementation of the Historic Panmunjeom Declaration in the Military Domain.
  o Starting with Panmunjeom and possibly leading to the reopening and expansion of the DMZ Peace Trails, the government will continue its efforts to return the DMZ to the Korean people.