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2020 DMZ Global Forum on Peace and Cooperation


2020 DMZ Global Forum on Peace and Cooperation
- Peace blooming in the DMZ -
□ The Ministry of Unification holds the 2020 DMZ Global Forum on Peace and Cooperation under the theme of ‘Peace blooming in the DMZ’ at 10 a.m. on October 30 in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province.
  o The global forum, in its third year, is the only government event about the DMZ. It is now an established forum for experts and activists at home and abroad to discuss peace and cooperation in the DMZ and its development.
  o The forum plans to recognize the meaning of the DMZ as a ‘peace-making’ space in which win-win cooperation between the two Koreas will be pursued and to discuss ways to further peace and cooperation in the DMZ in various respects.
  o This forum is particularly meaningful in that it is held in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, one of the border regions, thereby enabling the participants to more personally sense the significance of peace in the DMZ and border regions.
□ The event will be held in a non-contact way in compliance with anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and will be broadcast live via the Ministry’s UNITV channel on YouTube ( 
□ The global forum commences with an opening ceremony and features symposiums and sessions on cooperation for each field.
  o The opening ceremony will begin with the opening remarks by Unification Minister Lee In-young, followed by the congratulatory speech by Governor Choi Moon-soon of Gangwon Province, and the keynote speech (via video) by Executive Director Darynell Rodriguez Torres of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC).
  o The symposiums will feature presentations on the direction for amendment of laws for the idea of transforming the DMZ into an international peace zone and for the development of border regions; on cooperation cases for peace in Northern Ireland; and on access to the DMZ from the perspectives of women and youth.
  o There will be three sessions on cooperation, and they will address Peace·Women·Youth, History·Culture·Tourism, and Environment·Ecology·Han River Estuary.
    - Experts will engage in presentations and discussions on the role of women and youth in transforming the DMZ into an international peace zone (Session 1); using the DMZ as historical, cultural, and tourism resources to inform peace on the Korean Peninsula (Session 2); and peace and ecology that connect between rivers, mountains, and seas (Session 3).
□ On October 29, the Unification Walk will be held as part of the pre-event planning. Some fifty participants in the forum will take a walk to a peace observatory, the Memorial Tower of the Battle of Baekma Goji, the Geumgangsan Mountain Railroad Bridge, and other such locations to feel in person the importance of peace in border regions including the DMZ.
     * The walk is limited to 50 people in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, and they will thoroughly comply with the anti-epidemic measures including those for sanitizing hands and wearing masks.
□ The Ministry will hold the DMZ Global Forum on Peace and Cooperation regularly in border regions to build the consensus on peace and cooperation in the DMZ at home and abroad and promote cooperation between the government, local governments, and the international community.