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493 A foundation supporting North Korean refugees to be launched 2010-11-22 2623
492 The North proposed talks for resuming tours to Mt. Geumgang 2010-11-15 2475
491 Our position on the Hankyoreh’s news article (Nov. 15) titled “Hanawon, a 12-week jail for North Korean refugees’ 2010-11-15 2546
490 A launching ceremony for a special IPTV program on unification to be held 2010-11-03 2488
489 A job fair for North Korean refugees to be held 2010-10-29 2491
488 Holding regular family reunions continues to be discussed at the next round of the inter- Korean Red Cross talks 2010-10-29 2483
487 The Unification Ministry’s online spokesperson appointed to boost public relations via new social media 2010-10-21 2422
486 Minister Hyun talked with the director of a German political research foundation 2010-10-21 2421
485 The 2nd Unification Advisory’s meeting to be held 2010-10-21 2424
484 A policy advisory meeting to be held to look for ways to finance unification 2010-10-21 2487
483 A workshop to be held to boost unification education 2010-10-21 2520
482 The Unification Ministry responded to the North Korea’s proposal of an inter-Korean working-level meeting to resume tourism to Mt. Geumgang 2010-10-19 2430
481 The North urged an intergovernmental working-level meeting 2010-10-19 2352
480 A policy briefing to be held to gather the public opinion on “How to prepare for unification” 2010-10-19 2427
479 The Ministry of Unification signed an MOU with the German Federal Ministry of the Interior seeking cooperation for unification 2010-10-05 2544