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271 Congratulatory Speechat the 2019 Winter Academic Conference by the Korean Association of North Korean Studies 2019-12-20 55
270 Congratulatory Speech at the reopening ceremony of the Gyeongnam Unification Hall 2019-12-18 29
269 Congratulatory Speech at the KINU Research Festival 2019-12-12 48
268 Keynote Speech at an invitational panel discussion hosted by the Kwanhun Club 2019-12-02 76
267 Opening Remarks at a forum to discuss the Seoul-Pyeongyang joint bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics 2019-11-26 68
266 Congratulatory Speech at the opening ceremony of the Gyeoremal-Keunsajeon Promotion Hall 2019-11-26 57
265 Congratulatory Speech at the North Korea Policy Forum Hosted by the Korea Development Bank and Maekyung Media Group 2019-11-15 72
264 Words of Greeting at the special exhibition of products made by North Korean defectors at the National Assembly Members’ Office Building 2019-10-31 49
263 Congratulatory Speech at a reception celebrating German Unity Day 2019-10-11 48
262 Congratulatory Speech at the second policy seminar hosted by the East Asian Railway Community Forum 2019-08-21 351
261 Congratulatory Speech at the seminar marking the establishment of the Korean Peninsula Peace Economy Forum 2019-08-20 317
260 Welcoming Speech at the welcome banquet for the 2019 International Youth Pilgrimage to the DMZ 2019-08-19 245
259 Speech at the event of opening the Paju section of the DMZ Peace Trails 2019-08-09 272
258 Congratulatory Speech at the opening ceremony of the Gyeongnam Research Center for Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation 2019-07-22 626
257 Congratulatory Speech at the opening ceremony for a special exhibition at the Korea National Maritime Museum 2019-07-22 666