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Farewell Speech by the 39th Minister of Unification


Farewell Speech by the 39th Minister of Unification

Farewell Speech

April 8, 2019
By Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon
Employees of the Ministry of Unification, I hereby resign from the office of Minister of Unification after serving for one year and nine months.

I would like to extend my deep gratitude to each and every one of the employees who joined the new journey toward peace.

Because you were with me every step of the way, I never lost hope, even through 2017 when the prospects for progress seemed as bleak as ever, in Pyeongchang in 2018 when it was especially cold but equally as hot, and in the follow-up to breakthroughs in inter-Korean relations and denuclearization.

That’s why I am sorry even more. I said that I would make the atmosphere in the workplace pleasant and communicate with all employees, but I was not quite able to live up to that challenge. Personnel management and the status of the Ministry of Unification in the government fell far short of your expectations.

I now often think about all that we have been through in order to not lose sight of my first resolution and the bigger picture. Amid this hiatus in inter-Korean relations, I recall again how desperate we were in 2017 and early last year.

Thus, I ask you to always keep everything in perspective whatever may befall you and never lose hope for peace and cooperation, and take pride in handling unification affairs.

I am reassured and have even greater hope for the future because I truly believe in you.

Now, I go back to my family as an ordinary citizen as before I came here. I will always cherish my memories of working together with you, be always with you in my heart, and pray for you and inter-Korean relations.

Thank you.