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127 Vice Minister Uhm’s Speech at a Farewell Luncheon on the Occasion of the 2011 Korea Global Forum 2011-09-06 2027
126 Address by President Lee Myung-bak on the 66th Anniversary of Liberation 2011-08-15 2226
125 Mt. Geumgang Tours, Personal Safety Comes First 2011-08-09 2136
124 Minister Hyun’s Congratulatory Speech at an International Conference hosted by the Korean Association of International Studies 2011-06-17 2186
123 Vice Minister Uhm’s Congratulatory Remarks on Italy's National Day 2011-06-03 1997
122 Vice Minister's Contribution to The Korea Times ("No More Provocations in West Sea") 2011-05-24 2014
121 Minister Hyun’s Congratulatory Remarks at the British Embassy 2011-05-19 1902
120 We need to lay a firm international foundation for a unified Korea, for an advanced green growth country 2011-05-16 2094
119 Vice Minister Uhm’s Congratulatory Remarks on Israel’s Independence Day 2011-05-13 1908
118 Vice Minister Uhm's Contribution to JoongAng Daily ("Pass the North Korean Rights Act") 2011-05-09 2068
117 Minister Hyun’s Remarks at a Luncheon Meeting with the EUCCK 2011-04-25 1975
116 Let me dare say that we Koreans have earned it, the sacrifice of all the heroes, present, absent or in heaven, and I believe that they too must be proud to see how far Korea has come since the war. 2011-04-24 2172
115 Vice Minister's interview with TBS (Traffic Broadcasting Station) 2011-04-18 1924
114 Minister Hyun’s Keynote Speech at an International Conference hosted by the Peace and Democracy Institute of Korea University 2011-04-18 1960
113 Vice Minister's interview with ArirangTV 2011-04-15 1800