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22 Remarks at the Opening Ceremony of ASEM IV 2002-09-25 1637
21 A luncheon speech at JoongAng Ilbo Asia-Europe Press Forum 2002 2002-09-23 1659
20 Congratulatory Address by President Kim Dae-jung On the 57th Anniversary of National Liberation 2002-08-25 1626
19 Speech Delivered to the National Convention of the Seoul Committee for National Unification of Korea for the Celebration of the Committee’s 21st Anniversary 2002-08-25 1497
18 Congratulatory Speech Delivered at the Admission Ceremony of the Korean National Community Leaders Program at the Graduate School of North Korean Studies, Kyongnam University 2002-08-25 1473
17 Inaugural Address of Unification Minister Jeong Se-Hyun 2002-08-25 1468
16 Congratulatory Remarks Given by Unification Minister Hong Soon-Young to the Supporting Committee for the Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation 2002-08-25 1529
15 Speech Delivered by Unification Minister Hong Soon-Young at the Third Forum for Peaceful Unification of the National Assembly 2002-08-25 1515
14 Congratulatory Speech Delivered to the International Academic Seminar on the First Anniversary of the Inter-Korean Summit Talks 2002-08-25 1566
13 Remarks at a Luncheon of the 8th Korea-China Forum for Future Sapphire Room, Kyungju Hyundai Hotel 2002-08-25 1519
12 Progress, Significance and Future Prospects of Inter-Korean Summit 2002-08-25 1835
11 Remarks at the dinner hosted on August 12 for the North's delegation 2002-08-13 1547
10 Keynote Speech Delivered to the Spring Academic Seminar of Yonsei University(The Today and Tomorrow of the Policy of Reconciliation and Peace Towards) 2002-08-12 1586
9 2002 Summer Seminar of the Korea Political Science Association 2002-07-25 1559
8 Current Status and Future Prospects for Inter-Korean Relations 2002-07-08 1503