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Speeches and Contributions

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Speeches and Contributions
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239 Congratulatory Speech at the opening ceremony for the photo exhibition on reunions of separated families 2019-03-25 227
238 Congratulatory Speech at the 2019 Northern Economy Forum hosted by the Federation of Northern Economy 2019-03-14 247
237 Congratulatory Speech at the international symposium marking the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of the Korea Railroad Research Institute (March 14) 2019-03-14 214
236 Congratulatory Speech at the 2019 PyeongChang Global Peace Forum 2019-02-09 200
235 Congratulatory Speech at the 2019 World Summit 2019-02-08 362
234 Words of Encouragement at the 35th Gyeongmo ceremony 2019-02-05 299
233 Congratulatory Speech at the forum on the Preservation of Eco-resources on the Korean Peninsula and Inter-Korean Cooperation 2019-01-24 392
232 Congratulatory Speech at the academic conference on the Peaceful Use of the DMZ 2019-01-22 351
231 Congratulatory Speech at a symposium of leading universities in unification education 2018-12-12 1358
230 Congratulatory Speech at the 2018 Unification Education Forum 2018-12-11 1375
229 Speech at a ceremony to wish farewell and good luck to the South Korean delegation for an inter-Korean joint rail inspection in the North 2018-12-04 1730
228 Congratulatory Remarks at the symposium of the Soongsil Institute for Peace and Unification 2018-11-21 1931
227 Opening Remarks at the International Forum on DMZ Peace and Cooperation 2018-11-20 940
226 Special luncheon address at the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Seoul Conference 2018 2018-11-20 1068
225 Congratulatory Remarks at the academic conference of the Unification Council of Korea 2018-11-15 671