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232 Congratulatory Speech at the academic conference on the Peaceful Use of the DMZ 2019-01-22 500
231 Congratulatory Speech at a symposium of leading universities in unification education 2018-12-12 1479
230 Congratulatory Speech at the 2018 Unification Education Forum 2018-12-11 1501
229 Speech at a ceremony to wish farewell and good luck to the South Korean delegation for an inter-Korean joint rail inspection in the North 2018-12-04 1858
228 Congratulatory Remarks at the symposium of the Soongsil Institute for Peace and Unification 2018-11-21 2062
227 Opening Remarks at the International Forum on DMZ Peace and Cooperation 2018-11-20 1067
226 Special luncheon address at the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Seoul Conference 2018 2018-11-20 1236
225 Congratulatory Remarks at the academic conference of the Unification Council of Korea 2018-11-15 806
224 Congratulatory Remarks at the 2018 North Korean Defectors’ Presentation Competition on Experiences in Settling down in the South 2018-11-15 609
223 Congratulatory Remarks at the seminar on the New Economic Map Initiative on the Korean Peninsula and the Role of the Special Economic Zone for Unification 2018-11-13 620
222 Congratulatory Remarks at the debate on the Tasks and Alternatives of the Nursing Education System in Preparation for Inter-Korean Exchange 2018-11-13 547
221 Words of Encouragement at the 2018 Korean Peninsula Integration Festival 2018-11-10 515
220 Congratulatory Remarks at the debate of the Institute for Democracy on November 9 2018-11-09 483
219 Congratulatory Remarks for the 13th anniversary of the publication of ASIATODAY 2018-11-09 487
218 Congratulatory Message At the launch ceremony of the National Civil Council for Social Dialogue on a Vision for Peace and Unification 2018-11-01 863