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Speeches and Contributions

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Speeches and Contributions
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224 Congratulatory Remarks at the 2018 North Korean Defectors’ Presentation Competition on Experiences in Settling down in the South 2018-11-15 459
223 Congratulatory Remarks at the seminar on the New Economic Map Initiative on the Korean Peninsula and the Role of the Special Economic Zone for Unification 2018-11-13 461
222 Congratulatory Remarks at the debate on the Tasks and Alternatives of the Nursing Education System in Preparation for Inter-Korean Exchange 2018-11-13 397
221 Words of Encouragement at the 2018 Korean Peninsula Integration Festival 2018-11-10 371
220 Congratulatory Remarks at the debate of the Institute for Democracy on November 9 2018-11-09 337
219 Congratulatory Remarks for the 13th anniversary of the publication of ASIATODAY 2018-11-09 351
218 Congratulatory Message At the launch ceremony of the National Civil Council for Social Dialogue on a Vision for Peace and Unification 2018-11-01 709
217 Congratulatory Message At the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asia Economic Community Forum 2018-11-01 709
216 2018 International Conference on Support for North Korea-Strengthening cooperation to implement the inter-Korean joint declarations and achieve 2018-10-31 739
215 Words of Encouragement At the final performances for Uni Music Race 2018 2018-10-27 674
214 Congratulatory Message At the fifth Gugak Contest for Peace and Unification 2018-10-27 382
213 Congratulatory Message At the 16th National Unification Speech Contest 2018-10-27 418
212 Words of Encouragement At the final performances for the Youth Unification Song Contest 2018-10-26 396
211 Message from the Unification Minister for the Photograph Collection published for Unification Culture 2018 2018-10-26 383
210 Congratulatory Video Message At the awards ceremony for the 2018 Narasarang (Love of Country) Contest 2018-10-25 383