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Speeches and Contributions

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Speeches and Contributions
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179 Congratulatory Remarks at an Academic Conference hosted by the Kim Dae-jung Presidential Library & Museum 2018-05-03 1417
178 The Democracy and Peace Party & Justice Party Debate Forum on the April 27th Inter-Korean Summit and Denuclearization and Peace on the Peninsula 2018-04-30 764
177 Congratulatory Speech at the 35th Sejong National Strategy Forum 2018-04-12 844
176 Congratulatory Speech at the 17th Overseas Korean Journalists Convention 2018-04-10 808
175 Fundraising Night for the Construction of North Korea’s Children’s Center for Rehabilitation 2018-04-06 838
174 April 5th Academic Conference held for the 27th Anniversary of the Korea Institute for National Unification - Written Congratulatory Remarks 2018-04-05 804
173 Speech of Encouragement at the 2018 Hanmadang Festival of the One-Nation One-Mind Movement Headquarters 2018-03-27 850
172 International Seminar on Northern Economic Cooperation 2018-03-19 1032
171 Korea Federation of SME-Sponsored ‘New Economic Map Design of the Korean Peninsula’ Forum Congratulatory Speech 2018-03-14 882
170 Congratulatory Speech at a forum on education support for young North Korean defectors 2018-03-12 860
169 Congratulatory Speech at the 20th Conference of Delegates of the Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation 2018-03-07 1004
168 International Conference marking the 30th anniversary of the 88 Declaration of the National Council of Churches in Korea 2018-03-05 875
167 Congratulatory message at the inaugural meeting of the Korea-ASEAN Forum at the National Assembly 2018-02-22 936
166 Minister’s Greetings at the 34th Manghyang-Gyeongmoje Ritual 2018-02-16 923
165 Congratulatory Remarks at the Reopening Ceremony of the Busan Unification Hall 2018-01-17 1042