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통일부 로고통일부 로고

Three Goals

Moon Jae-in’s Policy on the Korean Peninsula
Is a long-term and comprehensive policy led by Korea to realize ‘peace’ and ‘prosperity’ on the Korean Peninsula as well as Northeast Asia together with North Korea, regional neighbors, and the international society.
‘Peace’ First
Peace is the value that we should uphold with the highest priority, as well as the foundation for prosperity.
Spirit of ‘Mutual Respect’
We pursue a "Korean Peninsula of co-prosperity", where South and North respect and cooperate with each other, by defining our stance as the "3-Nos" - no desire for the North's collapse, no pursuit of unification by absorption, and no pursuit of unification through artificial means.
‘Open’ Policy
The policy will be completed through public participation and interaction to ensure that the policy can be fully understood by – and made by – the people.

01. Resolution of the North Korean Nuclear Issue and Establishment of Permanent Peace

  • We will peacefully resolve the nuclear issue by playing a ‘driving’ role while at the same time riding together with our global partners.
  • We aim to substitute the past sixty years of an unstable armistice with a permanent peace regime, to ensure peace in a practical and institutional manner.

02. Development of Sustainable Inter-Korean Relations

  • We will inherit and further foster existing inter-Korean agreements, including the July 4th South-North Joint Communiqué, Inter-Korean Basic Agreement, June 15th South-North Joint Declaration, and October 4th Declaration.
  • We will resolve internal disagreements in our society regarding unification and the government’s North Korea policy and create a national consensus.

03. Realization of a New Economic Community on the Korean Peninsula

  • We will build a single market on the Korean Peninsula to create new growth engines and create an inter-Korean economic community of coexistence and co-prosperity.
  • We will build a new economic order that will bring peace and prosperity to the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia by establishing Three Economic Belts that connect not only the two Koreas, but also neighbors of the Korean Peninsula.