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통일부 로고통일부 로고

Five Principles

Moon Jae-in’s Policy on the Korean Peninsula
Is a long-term and comprehensive policy led by Korea to realize ‘peace’ and ‘prosperity’ on the Korean Peninsula as well as Northeast Asia together with North Korea, regional neighbors, and the international society.
‘Peace’ First
Peace is the value that we should uphold with the highest priority, as well as the foundation for prosperity.
Spirit of ‘Mutual Respect’
We pursue a "Korean Peninsula of co-prosperity", where South and North respect and cooperate with each other, by defining our stance as the "3-Nos" - no desire for the North's collapse, no pursuit of unification by absorption, and no pursuit of unification through artificial means.
‘Open’ Policy
The policy will be completed through public participation and interaction to ensure that the policy can be fully understood by – and made by – the people.

01. Korea-led Initiative

  • As the party directly concerned, we will take the lead in promoting inter-Korean reconciliation and cooperation, as well as in establishing peace and co-prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

02. Strong Defense

  • By maintaining a strong security posture based on the solid ROK-US alliance and national defense, we will deter North Korea's provocation and maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula.

03. Mutual Respect

  • We will realize a Korean community of co-prosperity by promoting mutually beneficial dialogue, exchange, and cooperation based on the spirit of mutual respect.

04. Interaction with the People

  • We will institutionalize participation of – and interaction with – the National Assembly, local government bodies, civil organizations, and experts to draw a national consensus and agreement on unification issues and our North Korea policy.

05. International Cooperation

  • We will elicit international cooperation through ‘openness’.