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통일부 로고통일부 로고

Four Strategies

Moon Jae-in’s Policy on the Korean Peninsula
Is a long-term and comprehensive policy led by Korea to realize ‘peace’ and ‘prosperity’ on the Korean Peninsula as well as Northeast Asia together with North Korea, regional neighbors, and the international society.
‘Peace’ First
Peace is the value that we should uphold with the highest priority, as well as the foundation for prosperity.
Spirit of ‘Mutual Respect’
We pursue a "Korean Peninsula of co-prosperity", where South and North respect and cooperate with each other, by defining our stance as the "3-Nos" - no desire for the North's collapse, no pursuit of unification by absorption, and no pursuit of unification through artificial means.
‘Open’ Policy
The policy will be completed through public participation and interaction to ensure that the policy can be fully understood by – and made by – the people.

01. Taking a Step-by-Step and Comprehensive Approach

  • We will peacefully resolve the North Korean nuclear issue, using a step-by-step, two-track approach of sanctions / pressure and dialogue. ( nuclear freeze → complete denuclearization)
  • While solving the nuclear issue, we will seek to fundamentally eliminate the security threats by establishing a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula and facilitating inprovement in relations between North Korea and the international community.

02. Tackling the Issues of Inter-Korean Relations and the North Korean Nuclear Threat Simultaneously

  • Resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue and improvement of inter-Korean relations are not two separate matters that require a choice or prioritization. Both can see progress simultaneously by complementing each other in a virtuous circle.
  • If we reestablish channels for inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation, we will be able to facilitate multilateral talks for the resolution of the nuclear issue.

03. Ensuring Sustainability through Institutionalization

  • We will push ahead with a ‘National Unification Contract’ based on a national consensus to ensure consistency in our North Korea policy
  • We will enact inter-Korean agreements into law and conclude a ‘New Inter-Korean Basic Agreement’ to establish sustainable inter-Korean relations.

04. Laying the Foundation for Peaceful Unification through Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

  • We will restore national homogeneity and build an inter-Korean community by expanding various inter-Korean exchanges.
  • We aim for unification that naturally occurs as part of the process of promoting the coexistence and co-prosperity of the two Koreas and recovering the Korean national community.