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통일부 로고통일부 로고

Policy Task 1

Realizing the “New Economic Map” Initiative and economic unification of the Korean Peninsula

01. Goals

  • Pave the way toward economic development and lay the foundation for economic unification by resuming inter-Korean economic cooperation, designing a new economic map for the Korean Peninsula, and seeking a single market for the two Koreas

02. Main Points

  • (Implementation of the “New Economic Map” Initiative) Secure new growth drivers for the Korean Peninsula by building three economic belts and connect them to the “Northern economy” including China and Russia
    • Energy-resource belt in the East Sea: Jointly develop Mt. Geumgang, WonsanㆍTanchon, and CheongjinㆍRason, and then link the east coast of Korea to Russia
    • Industry-logistics and distribution-transportation belt in the West Sea: set up an economic cooperation belt in the West Sea connecting Seoul and metropolitan areas, the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, PyeongyangㆍNampo, and Sinuiju
    • Environment-tourism belt at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ): Build a tourism belt connecting Mt. Seorak, Mt. Geumgang, Wonsan, and Mt. Baekdu, and develop the DMZ as a tourism zone for ecology, peace, and security
  • (Establishment of a single market for South and North Koreas) Devise ways to cooperate for the establishment of a single market for the two Koreas through a public-private partnership network, and if conditions are right, implement market cooperation in phases and build an economic community
  • (Resumption of inter-Korean economic cooperation) Provide immediate assistance to those companies that suffered losses in inter-Korean economic cooperation projects and flexibly resume economic cooperation in the private sector considering the situation of inter-Korean relations
    • If conditions are right, normalize the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, resume Mt. Geumgang tours, and cooperate to use common resources between South and North Korea
  • (Development of the South-North border areas) Designate and operate a unified special economic zone, install a joint management committee for the border areas through inter-Korean talks, and create a special zone of peace and cooperation in the West Sea
3대 경제밸트 환동해경제밸트, 접경지역 경제벨트, 환서해 경제벨트

03. Expectations

  • Lay the foundation for unification, job creation, and higher economic growth through inter-Korean economic cooperation
  • Develop the Korean Peninsula into a hub of economic cooperation in the region by pursuing an economic community in Northeast Asia