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Settlement Support for North Korean Defectors

Settlement Support for North Korean Defectors

1. Number of North Korean Defectors Entering South Korea

  • As of June 2019, a total of 33,022 North Korean defectors entered South Korea.
    • 1948 : First defection to the South

      February 2007 : Number of defectors reached 10,000 persons

      November 2010 : Number reached 20,000 persons

      November 2016 : Number reached 30,000 persons

< Number of North Korean defectors entering the South since 1998 >

Number of North Korean Defectors Entering South Korea

2. Support for North Korean Defectors

  • The R.O.K. government, on the principle of humanitarianism, offers special protection to North Korean defectors who seek government protection, and provides necessary protection and assistance for defectors' swift adaptation and settlement in all spheres of their living including political, economic, social and cultural spheres.
    • Request for protection and transfer to South Korea
      • Accommodate defectors in foreign diplomatic offices or temporary shelters in a host country
      • Negotiate with the host country and support the immigration of defectors after verifying their identity
    • Protection Center
      • Upon entrance, conduct joint questioning with appropriate government agencies, including the National Intelligence Service
    • Decision over protection
      • Decide whether to grant defectors protection through deliberation by the Consultative Council on Residents Escaping from North Korea, which consists of 23 government agencies with the Vice Minister of Unification acting as the council chair
    • Preparation for settlement at Hanawon
      • Conduct training for social adaptation (12 weeks) Resolve cultural differences, offer assistance for psychological well-being, provide career counseling, etc.
      • Prepare for settlement including registration of family relations, housing arrangement, etc. △S ettlement benefit: KRW 8 ~ 39 million Housing subsidy: KRW 16 ~ 23 million
        • The amount depends on the conditions and size of household
    • Residence support
      • Incorporate the defectors into the social safety net (Basic living security, medical care)
      • Vocational support: employment subsidy, vocational training, asset-building assistance, etc.
      • Educational support: tuition waiver (middle and high schools, national and public universities), 50% tuition grant (private universities)
      • The Korea Hana Foundation offers various forms of support in cooperation with the central and local governments, and the private sector
        • Designate and run 25 regional adaptation centers (Hana Center) across the nation
        • Settlement assistants (500 persons): work with volunteers
        • Professional counselors (100 persons): provide comprehensive counseling
        • Protection officers : 230 persons in residence, 60 persons in the workplace, and 800 persons for personal protection