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730 Temporary suspension of South-North Joint Liaison Office in Gaeseong 2020-01-30 194
729 Unification Spokesperson's Commentary 2020-01-01 231
728 Ministry of Unification formulates third master plan for the promotion of exchanges between separated families (2020-2022) 2019-12-31 198
727 North Korea's intention and the ROKG's direction of response with regards to Mt. Geumgang issue 2019-11-29 894
726 Regarding the North’s KCNA report concerning Mount Geumgang 2019-11-15 1118
725 Regarding deportation of North Korean residents 2019-11-07 2218
724 North Korea responds to ROK's proposal to hold talks on Mount Geumgang tour issues 2019-10-29 1130
723 ROK Government proposes to hold working-level talks to discuss Mount Geumgang tour issues 2019-10-28 1048
722 North Korea’s notification and the ROK Government’s response regarding Mount Geumgang tours 2019-10-25 1095
721 R.O.K Government’s Stance on remarks by North Korea's Chairman Kim Jong Un 2019-10-23 959
720 Panmunjeom tours temporarily suspended due to African swine fever 2019-10-01 1065
719 Ministry of Unification to hold one-year anniversary event for the signing of 「Pyongyang Joint Declaration of September 2018」 2019-09-18 1095
718 ROK Government to establish comprehensive measures to guarantee social stability of North Korean defectors 2019-09-02 1188
717 Notice regarding Ministry’s issuance of ‘Certificate of Visit to North Korea’ 2019-08-12 1250
716 Unification Ministry’s Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Promotion Council approves Inter-Korean Cooperation Fund expenditure plan to establish a digital archive of relic materials found at Manwoldae Palace in Gaeseong 2019-08-05 1239