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650 Unification Ministry’s Stance on Proposal to Hold Inter-Korean Talks 2017-08-01 8243
649 Announcement on Follow-up Measures of the ‘Berlin Initiative’ 2017-07-17 8045
648 Ministry of Unification hosts the 36th College (Graduate School) Student Unification Thesis and Unification Promotional Video Contest 2017-06-23 6329
647 Trainees at Hanawon visit and serve people with disabilities 2017-06-19 6941
646 Unification Spokesperson’s Commentary regarding the 17th Anniversary of the June 15 Joint Declaration 2017-06-15 6318
645 Ministry of Unification launches the UniKorea Culture Contents Contest 2017-06-12 7075
644 Ministry of Unification selects universities and colleges for the Omnibus Special Lectures and Unification‧North Korea Courses project for the second semester of 2017 2017-06-08 6527
643 10th College Student Reporter Corps, “Unicorn,” runs toward unification 2017-05-22 7364
642 Ministry of Unification holds Eoullim Hanmadang event 2017-05-10 7374
641 The 7th Top Executive Program for Unification Policy 2017-04-28 6828
640 Agreement signed on driver’s license testing for trainees at Hanawon 2017-04-28 7442
639 Ministry of Unification offers college students more opportunities for unification education 2017-04-19 6465
638 Center for North Korean Human Rights Records transfers records of investigation to Ministry of Justice 2017-04-19 6560
637 Unification Spokesperson’s Commentary on Malaysia's Press Conference regarding the killing of Kim Jong Nam 2017-02-22 7287
636 Ministry of Unification to work with the Advisory Group for Inquiry on Human Rights in North Korea 2017-01-12 7240